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Manufacturability study from B.O.M & drawings

Product costing evaluation

NPI support on sourcing, alternate proposals for quick turn

EOL investigation & alternate proposal suggestion

Execution of various business processes in the complete product life cycle

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Vice Star is a brand-new organization with a passion for Manufacturing. We are also specialized in Manufacturing Engineering, Sourcing and Procurement activities. The Founder and Co-Founder are having 20+ years of Experience in the field of Original Equipment Manufacturing where “copy exactly” is an important element and Quick Turnaround is the Key to “Time to Market” Targets. WE UNDERSTAND YOUR WORLD!
We Focus on the High Mix-Low Volume, NPI Markets to provide our customers the custom solutions needed in a Timely manner and will complement the same with our vast Engineering/Sourcing Experience

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Custom Build Cable Assemblies

IDC Cables

RJ11 Cables

High Speed Network Cables

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We are eager to listen to your requirements. From Design Engineering Services to Manufacturing of Custom Cable Assemblies, Sourcing of equivalent Alternatives for your constrained parts, Helping your organization to take care of repeated work following your exact Business Process (EOL, Change Management, Drawing Updates, Creating Assembly and Tesing Procedures, Developing Test Jigs & more….)

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